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Welcome to the web site of Himalayan Antiques, devoted to the exhibition and sale of the unique religious and domestic art of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Tibetan furniture is one of our specialties, but we branch off into so many areas of Himalayan art that it is easier to show than tell.

If you are new to this site, take a trip through our Showrooms to get an idea of the variety of items we carry. When you are satisfied with that, you can hone in on any one of a variety of Featured collections.

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Showroom photos

By looking these photos over you will get a good idea of the variety of items we carry and the size of our inventory. In addition to our Tibetan furniture we have a wide array of other Tibetan antiques and artifacts as well as a great variety of antiques from Nepal.

Featured Items

This is where we have catalogued specific items available for sale at Himalayan antiques. Each page is provided with a price list which is available on request.

Trocadaro Web Site

We now have well over two hundred separate items available for sale on the Himalayan Antiques portion of the Trocadero web site which you won't find here, so we encourage you to visit us there as well as here. On Trocadero we can provide as many as six different photographs of the same object and every object is priced without your having to request a price list.

Tibetan Furniture Described

A brief description of the various forms of Tibetan furniture with some illustrative photographs.    We've updated our warning note about some of the latest forms of deception practiced on Tibetan furniture.  As part of our ongoing effort to educate the buying public in differentiating between genuinely old painting and new imitations, we've just included a gallery of original animal paintings found on old Tibetan furniture and a series of detailed photographs of a Tibetan cabinet .

Tibetan Art - a few comments

Here we link several of our pages featuring Tibetan art in its many different forms.

Site Map

This page contains all the links needed to go directly anywhere in Himalayan Antiques.

Search Form

This is a useful tool to use if you are looking for something specific. You can use it to search the Himalayan Antiques web site for a word or phrase. A link will bring you to the appropriate page or pages.

Ordering Information

How to place an order for something you see on this site.    We accept major credit cards.


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